Why Join Wake Up Now?  It is a great home business for newbies and perfect for existing networkers…the total package of digital based service products, plus physical products creates a powerful unparalleled opportunity.

No one that I know of has been effective at combining the two and making them work and creating a great company.  However, Wake Up Now is doing it with more than 40,000 – 50,000 new members that have joined in 2013.  Then, when you look at “the numbers” to create MONTHLY residual income to change lives it’s just mind-boggling to see how this can come together for us home business networkers and create amazing Monthly residual income for a very long time.

The typical companies out there entice people with bonuses that don’t create a decent steady monthly residual income unless you have a team/customers of 100-150+, on average, which then would earn a representative $500, give or take.  However, with Wake Up Now, a team of 12, or less, pays $600 Monthly at our Founder 3 rank.  A team of 112, or less, pays as much as $2250-$2750 at our Founder 4 rank!  WOW!

You may be asking “or less”, the reason it is “or less” because the products and or services that we’ve added outside of the platinum package will increase your volume for moving up the ranks as customers and team members take advantage of them.  Some of our additional products and services include: TriVani Skin Care product line, Awaken Energy Drink, including new Thunder by Wake Up Now, along with Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma:

Wake Up Now did something amazing with their compensation plan that many probably would not have imagine it working but it did.  They took away having a core focus on Fast Start Bonuses and they put the money into monthly residual income.  Which is what any serious networker is ultimately after, I’m sure you would agree.  Give me steady monthly residual money for many vs sporadic bonus money for a few.  MLM was meant to provide a path way for the average person to increase their MONTHLY RESIDUAL income to where it can make a difference in their lives, and continuously come in on autopilot.  Wake Up Now has truly done that with the $600 Club – Founder 3 rank position.

Wake Up Now $600 Club - Bring3 Help3 Get3

This compensation plan is why others, in other companies, love to hate WUN.  It’s a plan where many prevail where masses have failed in other companies.  My fellow networkers don’t allow this opportunity to pass yourself up.  I’m not saying the compensation plan is the best there is, if such exist, but I’m saying it’s better for you and the average person to win and get paid for many many years to come.  If you are a networker and a leader/up and coming leader that cares about your team having a truly viable and doable plan to have a home business that can earn you and your team money that can make a difference in their life you will want to be a part of WUN!

WUN provides the total package: Top Notch documented and proven executive leadership that can be trusted, products and services that benefit a person and generate them income even without other business partners (because saved money is earned money), along with a dynamic and powerful compensation plan that produces results and changes lives in short order; it simply makes sense to Join Wake Up Now Business.

Access a detailed review that I, Jah Kafele Leader of Wake Up Now, did that validated value of the Platinum Package and opportunity of WUN here:

Got questions?  Ready to get started?

Join Wake Up Now and Get Money Team Leader Jah Kafele
Wake Up Now, IBO Founder

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