March Madness: Why I Quit MLM – MLM Is A Tragedy

I Quit MLMMulti-Level Marketing Needs An Overhaul So The Average Person Can Succeed.

After 20 years of being exposed and involved in Multi-Level Marketing I’m done and I quit. MLM has been a tragedy for the average person that actually puts in the effort to succeed but still doesn’t, and its not their fault.

The evidence is before us after decades of MLMs being in existence and countless thousands of people being involved. The average person does not truly have a chance to create a monthly residual income of $500 to $1000 a month. Why because the compensation plans overall are designed to favor the leaders & Extraordinary. Which results in the “pimping” of the average person by selling them a hope and dream that by designed will not become a reality.

I’m very Mad about this in the fiery of March Madness but the good news I am excited about the future prospects of the evolution of MLM into MLI: Multi-Level Income. Which is what its suppose to provide for the average Independent Business Owner that will put in a good effort.

Here is part 5 of the March Madness…Create A Better Lifestyle series (like, comment, share):

March Madness is generally associated with College basketball where there is a flurry of basketball games to determine the champion. However, in 2014 forget the games, the games you are playing with your life and get mad about becoming successful in life.

Get Mad About about your success
Get Mad About creating your success
Get Mad About eliminating debt
Get Mad About reducing taxes
Get Mad About vacationing more
Get Mad About past situations that have held us back
Get Mad About being complacent
Get Mad About not doing more when we can
Get Mad About about not being the better
Get Mad About changing your life

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