Race Cycler – Compensation Review: Should You Join The Race?

Race Cycler – Business Opportunity is it going to fast track you to the home business winning lane or will you crash?

race-cycler-compensation-reviewThis review does not focus on product value, owners of the company. Primary objective is to share insight on compensation factors that some may not understand but would find beneficial before making a decision. There isn’t a need to go deeper on other factors because cyclers historically have zero staying power and longevity regardless of owner and if they are a scam or not.

I’ve gotten many requests to join the Race Cycler and Cycle to $2200 over and over. I rarely do cyclers, and I have NOT made an exception for this one.

There isn’t a cycler that has proven to be effective for residual income for any substantive time period. Residual income when it comes to network marketing is my core focus. I believe that is the main purpose and benefit to be had in a true powerful network marketing business opportunity.



The “Good to Go” Flag:

Cyclers have a history of providing great influx of cash to those that can share and get their 2 and so forth. Cash can initially come fast and often particularly to those that are great recruiters, or those that find themselves in the right place at the right time.

There will be those that make a lot of money, as has been done in the past with such cylcers that had even harder payout requirements.

The company has boosted in their conference calls all the glorious benefits so I won’t get into that since that is well known.

The “Crash and Burn” Flag:
(What you may wish to know before entering the Race)

The Race Cycler has attracted many because of the assertion that this is the first Cycler to have a true follow your sponsor from a company main board position. Along with benefits of being able to cycle if you do not have any referrals, or only one referral.

The goal and benefit of this is said to be that NO One will get left behind, and you can continue to Cycle over and over with NO Referrals due to primarily the company’s main position cycling back around and re-entering to fill the gaps of “No-referee’s”, or the “1-referee’s”.

As noted in my video this concept of not having any referrals or 2 referrals will lead to continuous cycles is a big crash and burn flag. Not because someone’s with no referrals won’t cycle but because this will lead to many joining thinking they can succeed without adding there 2 referrals. Eventually leading to many people being mislead into thinking the company will cover their “lack.”

Misguided or intentional misrepresentation will have people joining and saying you do not have to do anything but sit back and wait to cycle….”Don’t Bank On It” making you $2200 over and over for most that take that position.

As soon as the flag drops! One time $230.00 payment can provide you untold repeat $2200 cash outs!
(It was irony, and maybe a “clue”, that their server crashed on the opening-“Flag Drop”)

2 x 2 Matrix with No requirements….
Bring 0 = $10 profit per cycle
Bring 1 = $270 profit per cycle
Bring 2 = $2200 profit per cycle

1st Thing is: Cyclers, even with re-entry, have very limited thrill because while as simple as bring 2 sounds and often is, no one shares and enrolls 2 at the same rate. Some will do in 2 minutes, others 2 hours, others 2 days, 2 Weeks, so forth. Eventually, so slow, that momentum is beyond a turtle’s crawl.

2nd Thing is: This is another 2 layer cycler before payout of commissions. In reality you have a 2×4, that’s a different mathematical equation to get to paydays vs a straight forward 2×2 matrix. In my opinion if you are going to do a cycler a straight 2-by-2 with optional re-entry into higher levels is best.

3rd Thing is: While there will be people with no referrals that cycle all the way through both cyclers, the reality is that the masses waiting for the company to come fill their empty spots and cycle them to a winning cash position will be thoroughly disappointed.

The company forced matrix cycler is not knew, and moreover, it will NOT fill the mass of empty spots that will inevitably occur. Thus, leaving those that don’t get their own 2, who will do the same, or don’t get 2 from spillover of sponsor who get their respective 2, or those that put in their “grand ma’s dog” so they can cycle, with less concern about you.

WHY. Once the “follow me” feature kicks in, and cycles once, or twice. It will follow back around to the most recent main position “leg”, and continue to follow that matrix master position, over and over. On the remote chance that the program is not this way and it always follow the 1st-Master position. This will result in even less people cycling as they dream from doing no work.

The Race Cycler’s owner’s ideal sounds novel and exciting “get paid for doing nothing but joining” however dear home income seeker. It’s called Net-WORK Marketing. You must put in work and do your part, and others follow suit if you expect any success without luck, and if you want long term success in a true network marketing home business.

Prosperous regards, and may you win at least one Big Race Cycler Race, if you decide to join. Personally, I’d look for other cycler set ups than this one, and go get my 2 if cycler’s are your “thing.”

Jah Kafele, Work At Home Professional
www.FP101.info — Build Amazing Residual Income!

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