Get Fired Up Or Get Fired By Your Dreams and Goals

You Can Be Successful Working From Home

Fired Up For SuccessIf you were told you are 1-3 years away from prospering in a network marking home business (amongst the best and most rewarding biz on the planet, imo)….and making some of your dreams and goals come true. How many of you would quit before the year was up!….A Whole Lot!!!!…to many people got 30-day-fortunitis!

Most people get Fired by their Dreams and Goals because they’re not ready to work for them.

I struggled in my first network marketing company 20 years ago. However, I knew I could win if others that looked like me did. Just needed to find the way. I thought I could go full time in a few months…never happen. Almost started putting together a resume (perish the thought!).

I stumbled upon real estate investing while pursuing self-development and mindset shift, by getting books and tapes out the public library for Free. Went on to make many goals and dreams come true.

When I first got into online based business/marketing mlm @ 2006-7. I paid over $1,000 to join Passport To Wealth….never got my passport, ha ha! Didn’t make any profit, but learned some pertinent marketing stuff the propelled me to greater heights. That turned into a great education that I paid for that rewarded me with countless I-did-for-self $1000s, and global connections, that my college degrees would likely never have done.

5 years ago when I decided that hands down Network marketing was going to be my defining career move and I wanted to be seriously successful. I first figured out what I wanted and what it would take in a company to get me there. I still struggled to find a solid company or one that had all the factors for success I needed. I still had a few lessons to learn too. However from the point of that decision I was 2 years away from a big break through.

4 years later, even with some great success in between. I finally found the company that has the key success factors I need to massively succeed in network marketing to conquer some more of my goals and dreams.

I’m 1 year into my next level dreams and goals! Fired up about what the next 2-3 years are going to bring on this new path.

Get Fired Up!…Or Get Fired by your Dreams & Goals!

Learn what it takes, then go take it!

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