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Good Tuesday to you,

It is November 12, 2013, once again it’s time for Jah’s Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business And In Life. The purpose of which is to help individuals excel in their home business success pursuits. Along with prospering in life generally. In so many ways the two are married together and go hand in hand.

Jah Kafele Presents Vol 1:8 Jah’s Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business & In Life – How To Get More People To View Your Home Business Presentation. Many people fail to prosper in their home business because they get trapped into explaining what the business is versus getting the person to view the presentation.

There is really a very easy way to avoid having your prospect compel you into “throwing up” the details of your home business to them.  In my new video below I share how you can easily get more people to view your home business presentation which will lead to more team members and product sales.

See my Tuesday Tips For Success – “How To Get More People To View Your Home Business Presentation” video here:

Until the next Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business And In Life be sure to make each day a successful one!

Jah Kafele

The below messages was originally posted on my Facebook page.  Afterwards, I thought it would be good to share on my blog!

Here’s to a peaceful memorial day weekend for all those that have personally or via family and friends suffered illness and death when it didn’t have to be that way, at the hands of corporate profits in the USA via the medical industry.

It saddens me that I see many of my FB connects, including my own relatives, with family suffering from all sorts of pains and illnesses including cancer when it does not have to be so.  Having recently lost my cousin to cancer I understand the pain.  (I also lost my mother in law to the f-ups in medical field, NEVER FORGET!, and my Dad says dumb stuff like “I’m under the doctor’s care, WTF 2x’s).

However, if you look at the history of dealing with the typical doctor on something such as Cancer (darn near anything really they haven’t cured any disease since 1955, wtf!), you don’t find a great positive outcome for the masses.  Heck many cancer victims would probably live a much happier life if they just let the tumor be than to take killer chemo treatment.  See my point here:

If you search Google on Beta Glucan and Cancer or many other illness issues, vs for the latest gossip, you will find there is a solution.  Your Health and Illness begins and ends with your Immune System!

My fellow entrepreneurs, You seek to achieve financial freedom but your goals and dreams will be crushed because you, or those you dearly love, are on a path to illness. Statistically 1 out of 2 men will get cancer, and 1 out of 3 women.  20% will die from it, yet 50% of them can be avoided.

However the #1 Killer is out to get you…aka Heart Disease (cholesterol), plus Strokes for clogged brain arteries.  Go to the doctor and he gives you a drug that can lead to all sorts of side effects slowly such as dementia and alzheimers.  Check out the side effects that real people are experiencing and not just what your doctor is telling you.  Google search!

I’m 44 and God so help me to stay healthy and NEVER EVER see a doctor, been a good 15 years so far.  Statistically I will live longer staying away from them, and doing my own due due diligence, and you likely would too.  However, it takes more than eating right, when the food is poisoned, and exercising (which decreases as we get older).

The RIGHT Beta Glucan has been a life changer for my family and friends that have heeded the word.  What’s your excuse for not taking your health into your own hands, or do you love having your way of life devastated by illness that can be minimized to avoided!
Miracle Health Benefits Of Beta Glucan
Why Beta Glucan, because it documented with over 60 years and 12,000+ studies from Universities around the globe as being the most powerful immune modulator (aka enhancing your own body’s defenses to resist illness, even death).   See this site with the plethora of studies validating Beta Glucan:

If NOT Beta Glucan, then do something to step up your own health to a better state.  Pursuing happiness in your life while on a dead end road with your health is a joke!


Sincerely, because I care….Happy Memorial Day Weekend….Remembering!

Be Wise, Be Healthy, And Enjoy Life!

– Jah Kafele

WOW! I started taking Vitamin D3 drops last week and I feel the best I’ve felt in over 15 years, and typically I feel good and am healthy. The Vitamin D3 took things to another level. All those Antioxidant products don’t have anything on Vitamin D3.

Check out these videos  if you value your health, and also consider getting some Vitamin D3 immediately. A simple solution to amazing better health and preventive medicine.  There’s a major Vitamin D3 deficiency taking place in most people don’t let you be one of them:

Here’s the first of an amazing 7 part series on the power and potential and need to add a Vitamin D3 supplement to your daily health activity:

I’m taking 5000 – 10,000 units a day (2-4 drops) and have all my family taking it.  It just makes for good health sense.

I get my products from here:
(I’m not an affiliate but I can get a customer referral credit.  Use id # 477684 for sponsor).

Be Healthy!

These testimonials are amazing.  This maybe one of the best products available to keep you healthy and youthful at the same time:
Stem Cell Maxum testimonials: stemcell-maxum-testimonials

If you’d like to order Stem Cell Maxum, I get my products from here: (please use referrer id: 477684)

If you haven’t heard, personal testimonials and studies are showing that pure NON-hydrogenated coconut oil provides amazing help benefits.  These benefits are numerous but the one that stood out to me was its effects on Dementia & Alzheimers.  Many people have or know of people that are suffering from Alzheimers.  I have dear friends and family that have been impacted by Dementia.  I was simply blown away by what I learned today about pure Coconut oil and how it has reversed, in many cases, and stabilized in others, suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers.  I think you will be too.

Even if you are not suffering from such diseases, it is a powerful way to maintain health, and prevent Alzheimers.  Coconut oil is good brain food!  I’ll be getting some and taking regularly asap.

Check out this video and website below for more info (additional Videos on youtube):

Learn more about their story and see additional videos here:

Also see this video by world-renown alternative natural health Dr. Mercola:

Coconut Oil is know to be very effective in the early stages of Dementia and Alzheimers.  About 50% of the people get better or their situation becomes stable.  All natural aid so theirs nothing to lose by trying it.  I hope it helps to provide better health.

Be Healthy!

These testimonials are amazing.  This maybe one of the best products available to keep you healthy and youthful at the same time:
Stem Cell Maxum testimonials: stemcell-maxum-testimonials

If you’d like to order Stem Cell Maxum, I get my products from here: (please use referrer id: 477684)

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