Top of the Sunday to ya!  Well the USA Basketball Team won another Gold Medal in the Olympics this morning, and some nice prize money.  It made for nice entertainment this morning.  However, You and I on the other hand have to get busy getting our “Gold.”

We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2012.  How’s it been going for you so far.  More importantly how to do you want 2013 to kick start regardless of what has happened in 2012.  While I have been having the best time and prosperity of my home business career in 2012, I’m still looking to implement marketing to boost my business to another level and prepare for a fantastic 2013, in the mist of all the chaos in the world.  If I want 2013 start off great, and be great, I can’t wait for January 1, 2013.  Point being we have to plan, implement and go forward to succeed in life.

Finding success in life via a home business is one of the most rewarding things.  I never forget how getting involved with the Primerica Financial Services opportunity changed my life.  I didn’t know a thing about mlm, network marketing and all the glory that comes with it, or the agony.  I just knew that I wanted in on this industry.  I wanted in on having away to “make my own money” to live off of.  Many of you want the same, but you often make an excuse on why it has not been or can’t be.  I think the number one thing that people use as an excuse on why they have not or cannot succeed is “I don’t know how to market” and I don’t have any friends and family to talk too.

The end results for those individuals…They don’t succeed in home business because they have conceived, at least subliminally, that they don’t know how to succeed in home business.  I heard Jim Rohn say, how long are you willing to teach your baby how to walk?  The Answer: As long as you have too!  The mindset that people take on when it comes to home business is it has to happen for me “right away” or I”m out (with a claim it doesn’t work).  If we all were going to hit the home business jack pot in 30-60-90 days then it would already be done.  It’s a process.  Like teaching a baby to walk.  Realize this and stop trying to run hard to the finish line only to fail and not complete the race at all.

Achieving network marketing – MLM success is a process that you can learn to complete and ultimately change your life.  Put yourself on 90 day regiments for success over the next year.  Be focused and determined to make progress and change every 90 days until you evolve into something greater than what you are.  Whatever you don’t know, Google or Bing does, lol.  Search out the success you seek and the ways to improve what you are deficient at that hinder your success.  Get you a great viable home business to promote, of course above all I suggest Vitel, however either way what you want to do is focus on master marketing techniques that bring you sales and prospects consistently.  With any good marketing system you can average 3 or more sales or referrals to your business in a 12 month period.

Here’s a powerful video on why working in 90 days success periods can be effective:

Next get busy focusing on locking down 3-5 ways to Consistently and Effectively advertise and marketing your business.  Then get busy doing!  Go at strong for 90 days.  Every 30 days check make mini assessments.  Then in 90 days do a full evaluation for tweaking and fixing, and then carry on.

If you do this you can create success in your home business in 90 day sprints, that can lead to you getting the ultimate prize: the Gold of a successful home business.  If others are doing it, you can too.  You just need to decide to do it!

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If you are not successful, it’s because you have not learned how to be!

Jah Kafele

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