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It is August 6, 2013, once again it’s time for Jah’s Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business And In Life. The purpose of which is to help individuals excel in their home business success pursuits. Along with prospering in life generally. In so many ways the two are married together and go hand in hand.

Jah Kafele Presents Vol 1:7 Jah’s Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business & In Life – Home Business Success Is Real Do Not Believe Quitters.  Too many think that true home business success is not real unless you are some “big dog” making millions, not true.  Others think that no one is Really making it in home business accept some elite people, not true.

I’ve found that the difference between those who achieve great success or any measure of meaningful success are working their home business with a “full-time mentality” or full-time.  This simply means that you have to be seriously focused and grinding it out like one would do a job.  The results create home business success that makes your dreams come true and allow you to experience the finer things in life.  Yes, you can work the business part time but how are you working it mentally and what does your effort reflect?  Success comes to those who chase it down and get it!

One way to judge your effort and progress is to track your activity.  If after 30 days you see activity that reflects few hours put-in for home business success then expect your results to reflect that.  Success is not instant but it is the result of consistently doing the essential things that will manifest success.  Tweaking will be necessary but you must Never Quit!

In my new video I share home business success is real, and that you can live the “Residual Income Life-Style” if you stay determined.

See my Tuesday Tips For Success – “Home Business Success Is Real Do Not Believe Quitters – Live From Puerto Rico Ritz-Carlton Hotel” video here:

Until the next Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business And In Life be sure to make each day a successful one!

Jah Kafele