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There are so many creative ways to market your home business.  One of the best ones I’ve seen is using Sticky Note Pads to get your message out and attract people to your opportunity, product or service.

There is a simple formula I have used to successfully grow my networking home business over the past 5 years, and it is this: Engage in CONSISTENT AND EFFECTIVE MARKETING.  Whatever you do get that down and you will find success.

Here’s a video I did to help you get started with Sticky Note Pad Marketing to grow your home business.  Check it out and please leave a comment:

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Wow! I never imagined that so much would come from the spark of getting ANY cell phone service free, no switching or buying a phone necessary, from Vitel Wireless.  I knew it was a great marketing ideal and bonus, but I never expected what ownership has done since then.

As one of the top leaders in Vitel Wireless, I was fortunate to be one of those that caused that spark.  Back in February 2012, my biz partner Reggie Williams of Atlanta, GA and I, suggested to the company to use its patent pending bill pay technology to pay ANY cell phone bill, along with making your business free, if a member had a certain number of personal referrals.

We also, suggested to the co-founder and CEO of Vitel Wireless, Scott Rogers, that they payout multiple tiers of Fast Start Bonus money, so that people would have some “now money”.  He said yes.  In order to do this the company had to sacrifice some of its profits to help the representatives earn more and be even more excited about the Vitel Wireless home business opportunity.  They made the sacrifice and it has paid off BIG time for all!

Since joining on February 8, 2012, I’ve been blessed to have over 1,200 people enroll on my team as of the date of this post.  I currently average between 25-35 people that join my team daily.  I have referred over 38 people personally, and am truly enjoying the continuous growth of my weekly Fast Start pay and my Monthly Residual pay.  Key leaders on my team that I recruited such as Brandon Ivey of Los Angeles, California, Angela Jones of St. Louis, Mo, Bruce McCoy (by way of his cousin Elicia McCollum), and many others, are all helping to make this possible.  However, the excitement continues because Vitel Wireless is bringing ” Middle America” back.  See my new video about it here:

At Vitel Wireless’ First Super Saturday event in Memphis, TN on June 9, Scott Rogers announced the BEST Bonuses in the industry, in my view, because the following bonuses speak directly to the heart of people’s challenges and why they join a home business in the first place.  To make more money to pay the bills.  Well now Vitel Wireless has bonuses up to $1350 that team members can receive to pay their vital home bills, cell phone, tv, internet, electric, car, and even your business overhead itself.  This is truly an amazing opportunity and it is creating major buzz in the networking industry, especially in the telecom, home services.  Along with being able to Get Paid Like A Banker!

I invite you to review and join the Vitel Wireless (More Than Wireless) home business opportunity and start letting Vitel Wireless Pay Your Bills and fill your bank account with more money!

Learn more about Vitel Wireless and what I’m doing to achieve success here:

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