Vitel, a.k.a. Vitel Wireless is NOT just a wireless company, that’s just what they are well known for since their inception starting January 2011.  However, that will change from May 17, 2012 forward.  Vitel introduces getting paid on Banking using the amazing leverage potential of network marketing/multi-level marketing.

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This is how Vitel’s CEO describes what’s been termed “Banking Goes MLM:”

“Vitel Wireless (Vitel) has officially launched a virtual bank account/debit card program, further expanding its suite of home services products….Vitel’s business owners will now be able to market and promote the advantages of their pre-paid debit card program…Until now, banks and credit card companies have passed the fees onto consumers and business owners, thus making this a major profit center for their respective institutions.  Vitel’s new program changes the game by allowing its business owners to distribute and sell virtual bank accounts and earn income off of everyday usage from the card swipes that take place from account holders debit cards.  Business owners can now claim some of those fees back from the banking and merchant processing companies…

This allows them to claim some of the profits that big companies and big banks would normally receive, thus furthering the cause of putting more money into the little guy’s hands, giving them the opportunity to succeed.”
– Official Press Release: PRWebRelease-banking-goes-mlm.pdf

That’s right, you can now get paid for doing the banking you are going to do anyhow.  The pre-paid debit card, just like pre-paid cell phones, were once seen as strictly low income consumer products.  However, times have changed.  Consumers in general see great value and deals with Pre-paid and NO contract cell phone deals.  As well as, the use and convenience of pre-paid debit cards to handle their general banking needs.

Many banks are pushing their customers to do the mass of their general banking online because it saves the bank money, or makes the more profit.  This is great for the banks but what about you.  Thus, if a person can accomplish their same general banking needs, which often just involves depositing income earned from a job and paying bills (now an online thing), then using a pre-paid card with less typical bank hassles makes sense.

Compensation proposed that is paid out over 5 levels, plus generation matching income:

  • $4 (could be higher) CV per Direct Deposit Eligible Application.  (Must pass OFAC and ID verification)
  • $1 CV per account that receives minimum of $500 in deposits.
  • $1 CV on any cards carrying a monthly fee.
  • $.06 CV on every card purchased swipe transaction.

Now connect that banking necessity to being able to get paid on customers direct deposits, the banking maintenance fees, and of course the massive swipes occurring daily, weekly and monthly, along side a network or team of others that you can build a business around for additional income, and you have something simply extraordinary.  You have…

Banking Goes MLM.  A refreshing change to ordinary network marketing products that people can’t sell, don’t use, and can’t even give away if their life depended on it.

Attend our official launch call Thursday, May 17 at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central, 5:30pm Pacific
“Banking Go’s MLM!”, find out the complete details and invite guests!

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