An Unexpected Home Business Success Story That Exposed A Secret Weapon Of Home Business Success:

1) In June 2007, $1000 spent to join an online ebook home business.
2) A few days in, @ $300 more spent due to an uninformed and surprised cost for website hosting and email autoresponder.
3) Weeks later $200+ spent on advertising.
4) Months later one sale, that got passed to my upline.
5) Same months later no profits made.
6) A Year later, no recollection of still doing that biz, or that biz still “doing”.
Yet it was the best home business decision I ever made, even though I didn’t make a dime.  How’s that you ask?
Because of item #2, The Secret Weapon of Home Business Success.  That decision to spend $300 more, after forking out $1000, lead to $10,000s in home business cashflow for 5 years and running, as I got out and proceed to not quit and not fail.
That surprised $300 got me my autoresponder, and a website set up.  At the time I was upset about not being told about that amount of additional cost to position myself to “just” market that opportunity.  However, I got over it because I wanted to succeed and if that was the way then fine.  I then proceeded to learn how to market and drive traffic to my home business website and do follow up emails, just like this one.
Success Results: One year later I came up with FreeOnline Cash System and used free money to make others and myself a lot of money.  Then about 3 years ago, over 75 personal referrals (at the point in which I stopped counting) to a networking home business, the most I have ever done.  Next, fast forward to the fastest 1 month cashflow surge in my home business career, over $23,000 in one month, September 2011.  All that success largely the results of me marketing a capture page/splash page website for my business opportunities WITH an autoresponder.
Success DefinedThat’s the type of success you could have if you make sure you make the decision to have success, regardless of challenges and obstacles that you will definitely encounter on the pathway to success, and you use the right marketing tools that can propel your home business pursuits.
Fortunately, for you their are no surprising big cost to just position your self to succeed if you are part of our FMI: Power of Free Money Challenge.  More importantly you have access to Free Money to make more money with Free Monthly Income.
Thus, if you are serious about having success then get these inexpensive beginners tools you need to succeed, we recommend 12 Second Commute, and use them as intended, and learn how to market your business consistently and effectively to create the home income cashflow you deserve.  You too can achiever great home business success if you go about it the right way.