Okay, I’m posting on this.  Why, because too many on my email list believe they have the “holy grail” to a fortune.

When Zeekler Zeekrewards came out I was referred to it, and joined back in January  2011.  I did one email on it and then pursued it no more.  I realize that at the time it was operating as an investment biz and that as it was it would potentially get shut down by the powers that be – FTC, SEC, etc.  I didn’t want to refer someone to a home business model that I knew historically was amongst the walking dead and carried a potential big risk if someone put in thousands of dollars for the R.O.I.

Truth be told, that would have definitely have happen if Zeekler hadn’t made major changes to be more structured like a traditional mlm.  The reason a Zeekler had to bring in all the attorneys and compliance issues and changes over the recent months was so the good admins over there could avoid jail if/when the SEC came a busting down doors.  If they were not operating in at least a “gray” area as to mlm and investment then such actions they have taken wouldn’t be necessary.

That being said, Zeekler did NOT last as it was, and now its a new company, and it appears the “easy” money for the Cash Rewards is gone.  However, the company MAY be here to stay.  I certainly hope it is, and I don’t wish the worst on good people.  The owners seem to be good people.

But this has lead to frenzy of spin-offs, and the “latest and greatest” is Bidify.  There is nothing to say that Bidify is a scam and won’t last, but I have to agree with Troy Dooly on this, there are some Bidify Red Flags that people should consider if they are going to roll the dice and hope to make fortunes with it.

Troy covers this in his video here starting at about the 8:25 minute mark, so I won’t repeat.  I just wanted to make sure you were aware of them and proceed accordingly:

Additionally, others mlm watchdog sites are posting