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Greetings to all readers past, present and future.  This is a note to let you know that all future post will be on my personal blog that was launched on 2/28/2012.  Thanks to the wonders of technology and software I should be able to import all my post here to the new blog.

Come on over to and see what’s going on with Jah Kafele and his discussions on being successful in life and business.


What excuse would you have for home business success if you could go from free money, to getting paid to join, and instantly getting multiple income streams to create amazing monthly residual income?…I hope None!

The most fun I ever had, and the most money I ever earned, and helped many others to earn, in my 5 years of online marketing and networking was when in 2008 I came up with the Free Online Cash System.  However, as God and life would have it, that was a precursor to something greater, and FOCS was great.

The flaws in the overall layout of that system interfered with its sustainability, to a degree, but we are suppose to live and learn and do better, and that’s what Free Monthly Income system and Free Money Millionaires Club is all about.

If you are ready to explode your home business income, and stop failing to prosper in your home business then you will need to only to plug into our system and let it finally make a difference in your life. This is your year to succeed, along with our home business success system:

We have a very simple doable home business success plan and marketing approach that changes the dynamics of taking the average person from zero to hero to…Free Money Millionaires Club!

Free Money Millionaires Club is about acheiving home business success where you start earning income of hundreds, to thousands, to potentially tens-of-thousands and even 6 figures monthly, in due course, by leveraging free money and getting paid to join into amazing monthly income with diversified revenue streams.  It’s about the spirit and vibrations of what extra income can do for your life to free up stress and agony.  And more so allow you to enjoy a more full-filling life that comes with having more money.  Free Money Millionaires Club is about having achieved home business success and the overall spirit and energy that brings.

We purpose to make sure you make money.  In fact if you can’t make money applying the Free Monthly Income system, I, Jah Kafele, the founder will give you a $100!

Warning getting that $100 will be essentially impossible because everyone gets paid that joins us…it’s up to you to put in the minimal effort to become a member of the Free Money Millionaires Club.  Let us show you how we do what we do.

Join us…

Over 15 year in Network marketing and 5 years of online marketing my networking home business I’ve never have been excited about any Wireless business, particularly the 3 and free ones, such as LightYear Wireless (not putting them down).  Its just I’ve been with Sprint/Nextel for over 10 years, and I’m cool with that.  And all these other Wireless home business opportunities wanted me to switch to their service, their phone to get in on their 3 and its free deal.  I wasn’t down with that.

Well, its a new day in the Wireless home business opportunity, and Vi-Tel Wireless is it.  If you would like to eliminate your cell phone bill and earn 1000’s with a home business that provides a service that “everyone” young and old have, need or want then Vi-Tel Wireless is for you

Very Simple to Understand The Basics of this Grand Opportunity In The Wireless Industry.

-NO Big Start Up Cost For Their Best Wireless Home Business Package – $70 And Your In!
-Refer Three And Your Cell Phone, Any Cell Phone Without Having To Switch, Is Free ($125 Value)
-Refer Three More And Your Wireless Home Business Is Free – NO Monthly Biz Operating Cost! (Or You will earn as your team/network grows to just 12 people, just from 3 who refer 3 to get their cell phone free, that’s 2 easy ways to make your Wireless home business free)
-If you know, and refer 25 people that want to get their personal Cell Phone Bill eliminated, and earn additional income, you’ll get a $750 allowance to pay for any car you have or want!

The rest is simply you’ll earning income and monthly residual income from your own cell phone service, all those you personally know that do their cell phone “business”(prepaid renewals, post paid contract renewals, etc.), all your biz partners that join to get their cell phone free and to earn additional income, all those you personally know that do their cell phone “business” with them, and so and so over 5 levels, plus Generational matches on all that income.

Vi-Tel Wireless’ 3 And Any Cell Phone is Free is the best deal out there and will have people just like you earning nice 4  to 5 figure monthly residual income in very short order.

 Check out these 2 videos on Vi-Tel Wireless 2012 Three And Your Cell Phone Is Free Roll Out:

Troy Dooly on the breaking news of Vi-Tel Wireless
(comp plan info in video was mis-stated)

Contact me to get in, and eliminate your cell phone bill, and make money at the same time.
And I’m showing people how to do it with Free Money if they like!

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