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Here’s a short 2nd review video I’ve done on Maxefeeder and Maxevideo.  You get a peak into the back office and how they both work together to take you from a mere $13 start up cost to amazing income from the comfort of home.


Here’s how to access complete details:

Maxefeeder – Maxevida Product Review

Here’s a short video I did on receipt of my Maxevida product.  The power of the Maxefeeder is getting me the product to use, sell, or give away as I desire for a mere One-time $13 cost.  Maxefeeder give one the opportunity to get involved in a real business, with real products to create real MONTHLY residual income for what is normally only seen in online based e-biz’s.

So here’s validation that this opportunity is more than meets the eye:

The MAXeVIDA Super-Food Complex is what we refer to as one-of-a-kind ‘supercharged nutrition’!
It consists of some of the best, and much talked-about superfoods known to man: ACAI,
POMEGRANATE, GOJI, NONI, MANGOSTEEN and fortified with a Proprietary Blend
consisting of RESVERATROL, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Wild Black Cherry Fruit Powder,
Blueberry Fruit Powder, Elderberry Extract (5% flavonoids), Grape Skin Extract (30% polyphenols).
Helps to Support the Cardiovascular, Digestive & Immune Systems!
Improved mental focus and alertness!
Helps Fight Aging!
More youthful, healthier-looking skin and hair!
Helps Fight Free Radicals!
Helps Fight Acidity in the Body!

See our Lucky13 Team’s exclusive Maxefeeder-Maxevida opportunity video presentation and get started by registering here:

Greetings the previous post had written details (, however below is a Maxefeeder preview video I did to help you understand the magnitude of the opportunity available with Maxefeeder of Maxevida.

Live “Lucky 13 Home Business” webinar being planned for Thursday, January19 at 9:30pm, Mark Your Calendar.  Details coming soon.  Check out the video

Got $13 One-time?  Ready to share with at least 2-4 others that have $13 One-time?  Then I’d love to have you on my team, so we can do BIG things and earn BIG monthly residual income with Maxefeeder and Maxevida in 2012 and beyond. 

Join me in Maxefeeder here:

You can share this video with others by send them to this generic link that does not refer to
anyone, and your prospect will have to get back with you to get started.

In today’s economy of high unemployment and great income need there often isn’t an answer to start a viable home income stream with little money.  While Chews4Health offered the best I could find in 2011 and remains there, there always room for a complimentary opportunity that can truly make an impact in people lives that are struggling to generate cashflow.

I was awake with excitement until 5am today (Jan 8th) when I realize the magnitude and potential of what Maxefeeder of MaxeVida offered for generating income from home on a monthly basis for the average ordinary person.

It’s a first of its kind comp structure with a REAL product and a teeny, tiny one-time start up cost.  NOT some money game or ‘e-product’ business.  Now rest assured I’m not saying you have to love the product but I’m saying it’s a real physical product that anyone can connect with.  Ultimately your home business is about making money, and the vehicle needs to make you money and that’s what this has the huge potential to do without the “internet e-product books biz” scam connotation.

There’s nothing else like this, and you can use it as a feeder or use it as a primary income vehicle depending on what your likes and wants are, or as both.  Wisdom always dictates diversify your income streams.

See Maxefeeder Preview Video posted 1/12 here:

Look at it here:
(click the tabs at the top to learn about the feeder and the product)

It feeds into the main pay plan with 100% matching on all your referrals which will become bi-monthly residual income from earned commissions. See main MaxeVida site here:

You’ll pay $13 ONE-TIME and use earnings to pay for the product which costs $39.95 at Silver level or $59.95 at Gold level.  You are not required to sponsor anyone to earn, but I hope you know by now that NO ONE gets far on spillover alone.  Shoot to bring in 4 people who have $13 as quickly as possible; you will earn matching income on their earnings even if it all came from spillover and/or spillunder.  As well as, you will have be qualified for to get paid on all levels. For example, if each of your 4 only earned $250 a month, you would earn $1000 monthly from them.  You can turn a one-time $13 into $130, $1,300 or even $13,000 monthly (eventually) because of the power of the 100% matching income.

Don’t complicate this with deep thoughts of ‘what if’.  If using the $13 to join will get your electricity turned off, don’t do it.  Otherwise, get in now and use this affordable vehicle to change your life in 2012 and beyond.  There’s nothing to debate.  You’ll likely waste $13 this week on fast food you have no business eating or that ‘one more item’ at Wal-mart that you know full well wasn’t on your list when you walked in the store.

Find your 4 quickly.  There are fewer than 300 people in this right now, and it’s INTERNATIONAL.  This is ‘first movers advantage’ at its finest.  Word will spread quickly once people start getting paid, and you are positioned in FRONT of the wave this time.  Now hurry up before all the cold market ads I sent out earlier get opened, read and acted upon. Come join me in Maxefeeder of Maxevida, this is going to be prosperous and fun.

Join here (you should see referal ID:66 or 70 under the “Join” tab at the top:
(Note: Debit card payments have a slight delay in processing through the third party merchants, if you have a credit card use it to pay with the Solid Trust Pay direct pay option.  No need to create an STP account.  Alertpay is also available.  Call me if you have difficulty or any questions at 614.383.8337).

Here’s an audio of the first conference call if you’d like to hear the excitement and some more details:

If you’d like to see how to leverage, or equally, start to earn infinity income and infinity levels then I invite you to take a look at how I turned less than $100 into 5 figures in 5 weeks:

To OUR Success, Onward to JILLIONS!

Jah Kafele

Post Fresh Quality Content To Your Blogs And Earn Nice Income With Ease Using Article Builder.  There are a lot of junk article writing software, auto blogging tools and resources out there, but this isn’t one of them.  This is a MUST HAVE for online marketing success.

Below is a video I got from my sponsor of Empower Network.  Not only does he show you how powerful this unique and limited membership of Article Builder is but he gives you a glimpse into the amazing possibilities that are possible with Article Builder and Word Press Blog and/or Empower Network.

I have to concur Article Builder changes the game of Auto Blogging in a way in which the search engines will love the content because its fresh quality content allowing you to get top ranking as people search for topics related to your blog post.  All that means that affiliate marketing, network marketing, and online marketing in general takes on a whole new meaning.  Check out this brief video:

For a beginner to blogging and online marketing you could not ask for a better software. The combination of Empower Network and Article Builder can lead to great online profits in many aspects or niches.

You can see some of the articles I’ve been able to post on my Empower Network blog here:

Get Article Builder Here (act fast memberships limited):
Join Empower Network Here: www.NonStopCashflow.Info

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