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In PRISON you spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell.
At WORK you spend the majority of your time in an 8X8 cubicle.

In PRISON you get three meals a day fully paid for.
At WORK you get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it.

In PRISON you get time off for good behavior.
At WORK you get more work for good behavior.

In PRISON you can watch TV and play games.
At WORK you could get fired for watching TV and playing games.

In PRISON you get your own toilet.
At WORK you have to share the toilet with some people who don’t have good hygiene.

In PRISON they allow your family and friends to visit.
At WORK you aren’t even supposed to speak to your family.

No one wants to go to Prison for those benefits, and no one wants to go to work under those conditions, but too many accept it. Work may not be prison, but it seems like a Half-way Jail House.

I applaud you for starting your own home-based business, or for wanting too.
While it is not always easy it is worth it!

All The Best!

Have you ever heard it’s a numbers game?  Well that’s the bottom line when it comes to succeeding in your home business, or any business and marketing of your product, services, opportunity.  I heard a millionaire home business person say yesterday the reason a person doesn’t succeed is that they don’t do the numbers.

It’s a simple process to succeeding in your home business.  You must be doing enough marketing to have a person become a prospect and then a referral/sale.  Marketing requires you to have a lot of people see your message, then a certain percentage of them request more information and take a full review of what you offer, and then a certain percentage of them decide to join you.  That’s the process, and it simply a numbers game to get results.

Get your marketing going and going, like the Energize Bunny, and you will do your numbers and should have no problem seeing success and profits in your home businss.  Spend time learning effective marketing techniques and strategies and then get about the business of marketing to masses to get your numbers done and your business cashflowing.

Here are some key resources I’m using to mass market my home business successfully:

I also do free marketing.  Forum marketing is my favorite and has worked well for me for years (contact me to get my free forum marketing video tips that have generated me $1000s over the years and to attend free marketing training clasess).  And there are countless other methods, you just have to make sure you are not just marketing but effectively to a targeted audience.

To many people are NOT using marketing capture pages AND an autoresponder.  Not having such tools cost you way more than it does to not have them.  Fortune is in the follow up, that’s a fact.  If you don’t have a resource for your marketing capture pages and autoresponder check out this great resource I recommend to my team: (Free To Try, But Don’t Miss Out On Their Life-Time Account, No Monthly Fee Special Ending In July 2011).  You have to stop thinking you can just send people to a sales page and make a sale or referral to your business with no follow up.  It can happen, but it won’t happen very often in most marketing methods.

You can succeed in working from home but you must work your numbers and that just means you must put in the marketing to get the results you desire.

To your success,


What if you could get quality leads to prosper in your home business (regardless of entry cost), or just operate a home business as a leads vendor to all the countless people in the home business field that need a constant good lead source, and earned potential daily direct payments to your bank account of $200 or $50 multiple times per day?  If that interest you read on and watch the video below:

Success in working from home is in the marketing.  Those that get that and make it work, make money, and those that do not….Don’t make money. Home business success takes work but that doesn’t mean it’s has to be a complicated process.  It’s all about marketing and lead generation, however that’s the same for any non home-based business as well.

I’ve seen too many people think that it’s just all about getting into a business when in reality it’s more about the marketing of your business. Les Brown said, “It works if you work it”. You can make your home business work if you work it with consistent and effective marketing that brings you leads, or resources that provide quality leads to share your home income opportunities with.

That’s why I think Little Ticket To Wealth Leads and income opportunity is a must for every home business person.  Quality leads is something that every home business entrepreneur is going to want and need to prosper. My main focus and reason for getting involved with Little Ticket To Wealth is the “Buyer Leads” that you get as a member. People that have shown a willingness to buy home income information, products, services and opportunities in the past are your ideal prospects for your home business. The are not very often in “decision mood” or a home business seeker per se, they tend to get involved with something they see that could be worthwhile and are not shy about making a purchase.  And often they can have experience and be ready to go with an existing team.  I know of a high 5 figure a month earner that focuses mainly on “Buyer Leads” to earn big monthly income month in and month out.

Below is a video review I did to show you a peek into the back office, as you will see there’s a lot more to what you get than the leads. You are provided great additional resources, as explained on the Little Ticket To Wealth website, to further aid you in having a prosperous home business. Additionally, you are able to earn $50 and $200 pay days as you share this wonder lead and home business success resource. Here’s the video take a look inside Little Ticket To Wealth:

After reviewing the video and the Little Ticket To Wealth website I hope you see that this is something that you want to have as part of your repertoire that will provide you leads and cashflow even when people say no to your current biz.  Also very easy to share with other existing home business people looking for quality home business leads to grow their business.

While you may be thinking this is just “another lead program”, however Little Ticket To Wealth is a little bit different than the rest of the pack.  We offer…

* 100% Commissions Paid Out Instantly!  ($50 or $200)
* Up to 200,000 Fresh (7-21 Day Old) Opportunity Leads Each Month
* Up to 2,000 Super Hot BUYER LEADS (No one else does!)
* Build Ultra-Rich Leverage With Our Reverse 2 Up Cash Compensation
* Continiously Updated and Expanding Members Area
* Special Webinars Weekly Focusing On Direct Response Marketing Tactics
* Multiple (Super Cool) Ways To Get Leads For ANY Program!
* Underground Book Club Sessions Of Future Millionaire Kings and Queens
* And so much more!

To really get a good straight forward summary of the Leads and opportunity I would encourage you to take a moment and review the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the Little Ticket To Wealth Website:
Click For Little Ticket To Wealth FAQ’s

DISCLAIMER-NOT A MAGIC MONEY BULLET: Realize that with the buyer leads they have to be worked. Meaning contact your leads via email, postcards, voice broadcast (I use the P.O.P. Automatic Recruiter which is great to have with Little Ticket To Wealth leads), letters, etc. is essential for success.  Not every batch of leads will be magical in generating referrals for your business, that’s the case with any lead source, but realize that consistency pays off if effectively marketing to your leads. And as I noted in the video, the price you pay for all the quality “Buyer Leads” you get on a yearly bases should far exceed the cost of the commissions you can generate for the average home business if you referred a mere 1-2 people.

Start get the leads you need to succeed, along with additional $50 and $200 pay days over and over. 
Join me in Little Ticket To Wealth by visiting my website at:

Also contact me to learn more about how to use the volume of Opportunity leads you receive monthly to find quality prospects that become buyer leads. I can also tap you into weekly home business marketing trainings we are currently doing.  Wait until I show you how to easily contact others that will take an interest in your Little Ticket To Wealth Business (You Do Intend To Join Today, Right!).

Talk soon, and to Your Success,


Establishing a successful work from home business is what will provide you and I, the average and ordinary person, the time and freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.  I think that is why we really pursue a home business.  Those of us that really keep working at it and not quitting.  Here’s a heartfelt direct message I’d like to share with you, as one looking for the way to get true independence in their home business success pursuits.

Check out the brief message here:


To get more information on a great opportunity that can provide more time and freedom working from home, and the latest various opportunities of Trifecta Cashflow System register at my website:

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