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The following is from a fellow online marketer. Perfect example of what happens when a person is married to one  product or company, and shows exactly why Trifecta Cashflow System for Success is an answer for average and ordinary people to create a 4-5 figure monthly income from home.

”  Eiro Research Closes It’s Doors

January 21, 2011
I have the unfortunate information that has closed Eiro Research’s network marketing business.
If you are part of this business my heart goes out to you.
My business with IlearningGlobal also did the same to me months ago.
Eiro Research Closes down

Eiro Research Closes down
The hard truth is if you are not:
  • Building multiple streams of income
  • Building lasting relationships with business partners for JVs
  • Learning the ins and out of online internet lead generation
  • Working towards self development to be able to pick up and go
  • Building a list
  • etc…..
To all those who lost thousands of revenue due to this…. take note this is not the end of you.

Eiro Research Closes It’s Doors

This is not the end of your business adventures.
What to do now? Eiro Research Closed but is that the end of the line?
Well, here is the bad news.
  1. You decided to build a business based on a consumable. Guess what happens to consumables over time? expire
  2. So you probably have a stash of this stuff in a closet and where hoping to sell it…. sorry, either drink it over the next couple of months. The company motto of “whole food blend of these fruits” doesn’t bode well for you when you need to consume it all. I guess you can just give it away now.
  3. You joined the business because you liked the product right? I hope you did. So all is not bad then so now you have cases of the stuff so enjoy it. Remember, you were supposed to be a customer REGARDLESS if you made money in Eiro or not.
  4. Did you work on your internet marketing to build a healthy list? Eiro Research didn’t share with you how to run a business online cause they were too busy telling you to go talk to your friends and family. tsk tsk.”
Let us show you a simple home business success plan we call “The 2-4-8 Home Income Success Plan” that is able to earn you a minimum $1,363 in diversified monthly residual income:

Getting right to the point.

TCSS’s Project 155NW is designed to take the average person who has been desiring to succeed in making it from home with a networking home income opportunity to the “Top.”  The “Top” represents cashflowing 4-5 figures in Monthly Residual income (in a short period of time):  Here’s how TCSS and I will build your home income network for you:

Are You Truly Ready To Earn 4-5 Figures Monthly Working From Home Online, if so then contact me or access details on the Trifecta Cashflow System and join one of our components and lets take you from the “bottom to the top”:

It’s a fact that when you are on cloud nine of joy and happiness someone will come along and try to bring rain.  Thank God for umbrellas.

I just wanted to say to everyone, it is exciting what we do at the Trifecta Cashflow System for Success to help average and ordinary people experience the joys of making money from home online.

Our members are able to feel joy and happiness knowing that they provide a definitive home income solution for people.   A networking home business it the most rewarding home income stream one can have.  We have a component that doesn’t take a “ton” of network-team members, like other businesses, to make an extra $500 to $1000+ extra month.  Plus with our 2-4-8 Home Income Success Plan one learns the “right way” to establish long lasting home income.

Also, our new component GUARANTEES YOU A CHECK.  We now have a component that you and others, can rest assure that those that you introduce Will make some money WITHOUT having to refer a person.  It’s nice to be able to answer the question that people often get when starting out.  Have you made any money yet?  With our new component it’s always a yes.

We’ve also implementing direct home income success marketing techniques and strategies for members.  We are sharing exactly what we others have personally done to growth and flourish their home business income.  Proven success strategies. You will only need to apply the same.

So, it’s a Good Day, It’s A Great Day, A Joyous Day for me…even though someone tried to “rain” down on me personally with misguided information and false facts and claims, and use that as an excuse for not make the most of our Great system.  Oh well such is life, their lost not mines.  Remember it is always best to get your information from the source to give you a full and proper understanding of what you think you MAY know, before you go casting “rain”…because there are such things as Umbrellas.

I’ve successfully, by the Grace of God, made money consistently online in a home business for 5 years.  I’ve been a life long successful entreprenuer (22 years), and most importantly I’ve help others to succeed.  Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve enjoyed going from nothing to having many of my dreams come true.  I know success, and I know what it take to make it happen.  While not the easiest of roads to travel, it’s a road that is open, without prejudice, for those that are willing to take the journey.  Failure may appear at times but don’t be fooled by a facade.  Success is dictated by your actions, and the right system – Trifecta Cashflow System helps greatly.  You can make excuses or you can make money, but you won’t find yourself doing both.

Enjoy this short screencast video on “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, and rise to that state of being indefinitely!

Join us in our joy and happiness, and home income success:

Every business opportunity that looks good may not be that good.  Let’s face it they all have to look good or no one would be interested.  Are you looking for a home income opportunity to make money or are you just excited about products hoping to make money.   

To many are not making money from home, and earning at least $1000 monthly because they don’t understand key factors that have kept others from succeeding.  Well now we expose Truths that can make all the difference in you achieving success working from home in this short video:


We have a simple plan to help you earn the money from home you’ve been missing access it here:

I read this on a forum today and just had to share with those that desire to succeed:

“Now when it comes to success in business or anything in life really I have come to understand that a sure fire way to succeed is to “Burn The Bridge Behind You”

When it comes to achieving a goal in life there must be no retreat… No way back! Only forward!!!

Combine no retreat with an undeniable passion and desire to succeed at the goal with a game plan and you really can’t fail…

But if you allow yourself an exit strategy a way back then you have the option of quitting and when it comes to chasing your dreams and bettering your life you don’t need a path of retreat in case you fail… Failure is not an option!

So the sure fire way to succeed is to burn your bridge of retreat and and create an action plan on what you need to do to achieve your goal and then get to work…

That’s right I said work…. No success in life comes without risk and a lot of work…

You have heard it before and I will say it again….

“The only limitations you have in life are the limitations that you put on yourself”

So don’t limit yourself…. and understand the absolute possibilities that you have at your finger tips.

In case you don’t know you will NOT live forever and you could die tomorrow! Heavens forbid you do but you have to understand that you have to make the most out of your life and don’t just tip toe quietly to your grave having only regrets on what “Could have happened if only…”

No retreat!”

Billee Brady

Your Success Awaits with the 2-4-8 Home Income Success Plan of the Trifecta Cashflow Success System
access complete details here:

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