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MLM – Networking Pyramid Scams and Schemes Exposed

Most people don’t understand business generally and that also applies to mlm – network marketing.  Here’s a short video, with a comical approach, that you should watch that exposes the misunderstand that some have.

Learn how Trifecta Cashflow System for Success provides a powerful unique system for long lasting monthly residual income.  We offer the only opportunity where a small network team can earn you $100,000 to 1-Million plus in yearly residual income.  We start by showing you to first earn what most networks never do $1,000 in monthly residual income, access complete details:

There are a ton of websites and opportunities out there telling you
how you can are are able to make a fortune.  However there are
truly only certain methods for more average people to change
their financial life to one of riches:

Leveraging of your time and effort and your money working for you.

You have a finite amount of time in which you can produce income.
Even if you could work all day every day, you are still very limited.

This is why if you are NOT involved in network marketing/mlm you
should be if you are serious about long standing monthly residual
income.  Nothing else beats the leverage power of mlm except having
your money work for you.

Having your money working for you and producing monthly residual income
is the most powerful income generator of them all, bar none. That is
how the rich stay very rich.

However, most don’t have the money to make money work for them in a powerful way. 
Most are too busy working for their money and time passes by and they
end up with insufficient money to live and thrive until life is no longer.

Well the Good news is, if you are reading this then you have the
solution for more money in a short period of time in your grasp
so that you can get money in place that can work for you indefinitely.

However, Don’t Fret Trifecta Cashflow Solution is able to help greatly.
We start by showing you how to add just an additional $1,000 a
month to your income that can position you for a life time of significant income.
But there also the opportunity for a million, plus, a year like
absolutely no other opportunity, let me prove it to you:

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The ONLY mlm opportunity where you can realistically Earn $100,000 To A Million a year in Residual Income within 3 levels with a small team!

The question is not can you be successful in network marketing – mlm.  The questions is what has cause people to fail to make a good monthly residual income.

Check out this revealing video and leave you comments on what you think:

It has taken me a long time to figure out why more people were not succeeding working from home with network marketing – mlm but now that I understand why I can help more people earn 4-5 figures monthly from home in a short period of time.  Start earning the money you deserve from a networking home business.  Establish “walkaway” monthly residual income!

Learn more about Trifecta Cashflow System for YOUR Success here:

Like many, I was blessed to spend time with family during the USA Thanksgiving holiday.  However unlike many others, I use it to also take a glance at what I must do to make my future great or else.

See the signs are there to tell you where to go and what to do if you pay attention.  It’s funny that I mention “signs” with one of my relatives we actually had a joking moment about “how the earthquake in the Washington D.C. area this past year was a sign”.  A sign of what, or a sign indeed was what lead to some humor.

But what are the signs that your family are telling you.

I have one family member that is a College Professor with a Ph.d. that is very near to retiring but is now frustrated because she is just beginning to understand the importance of doing something for self to create your own income.  Along with being upset about her debt situation and could use more money to relieve that debt.

I have another family member stressing on how to put his second of 3 children through college.  One child’s colleges is running $30,000 a year, and the next one coming next year is talking about wanting to attend one that is $50,000 a year.  “Where am I going to get $80,000 a year!” he stated.

I also looked around at the health of others, and my wife noted that only one was past 70 and very upright, walking freely, and mobile.

So, the signs appear to be telling me…I’m going to live long enough to where my actions now will dictate my health and financial well being as much as 30-50 years in the future.  Accordingly I can’t wait until then to get busy doing the things to have a more prosperous life later.  I’m glad I have a prosperous growing home business that will help me have a better financial life now and later.

If you have these types of signs in your life and family giving you notice of your future and want a change for a better financial future then let’s get you going with a simple, yet powerful, home income system that can set you up for good income now and later:

Greetings,  Stop making excuses and start making money working from home.  If you are going to succeed in making money from home online you are going to have to learn to do the things that other successful people are doing to make it happen.

Below is an excerpt of a recorded call with the owner of 12 Second Commute (12SC) about the tools and training that is provide with the 12SC system.  Please take a listen, and stop making excuses and start making money.

If you are newbie or relatively new to online marketing or need to learn about online marketing this is one of the best resources to use.  I recommend this to all my team members.  And the beauty of it is it gives us a 4th income stream with  the Trifecta Cashflow System.

There’s no point in joining a home business if you are not going to learn AND apply the marketing techniques for success.  There are $1000s to be made if you will do what you need to do to making them on a monthly basis.

12SC runs a 30 Day Agenda each month in particular, along with other training, that is great for new people to online marketing.  As noted in the audio above this 30 day agenda gets your marketing in motion for any business and starts to build your list of prospects that will soon join you in our grand opportunity (or another one you may be in).   It’s the first of the month so a great time to seize this 30 day training agenda.

Take a listen,


I encourage you to take advantage of the 30 day trial, and tap into the training webinars and live calls.  Yes, 12SC will ask you to upgrade in 5 days to their $29 a month plan.  That is up to you.  It is a great saving, but even if you pick up invaluable online marketing training in 30 days for $29, would it not be worth it?  Don’t be confused, Financial Freedom, Ain’t Free!

The topics of the training include:
Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs
Article Writing
Ad and Link Trackers
Different methods to build a business

Click here to take advantage of the free trial and  join 12 Second Commute:

Get trained and get busy making money.  Join the Mutual Fund of Home Business Networking Opportunties, The Trifecta Cashflow System for Success:

More info at

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