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I put this post together because I’m tired of people being duped into thinking  these one-time pay income opportunities are good for monthly residual income or residual income long term.  The most popular one out there now is the MPB Today – Free Gas and Groceries.  This is not an attack on the company but the compensation plan. 

People have contacted me thinking that Trifecta Cashflow System’s first company is similar to a 2×2 cycler, because the monthly membership product cost comes out of your commissions to keep the monthly residual flowing with ease.  However, a one-time pay cycler is by no means comparable to our powerful monthly residual building home based business with a company that has been around for over 10 years.

A one-time pay 2×2 cycler for building residual income is just a fallacy for the average person.  The numbers below reveal why they are not good for building residual income when you look at what a person must achieve within their respective organization for continuous cashflow.

Below are the cycle points of the matrix for a new person “YOU”.  As the matrix gets deeper, one has to COMPLETELY fill up that number of people to make more money.  Even if a person that is a recruiter is going to run in to major problems getting residual money from their existing starting point as growth continues, unless they buy in a new FRESH position as if they are starting out for the first time.

I did this based on the assumption of a person referring 2 a month, in a 12 month period, the actual pay out with 6 cycles is $3000 for the year in MPB Today (That’s counting the wal-mart gift card as cash, since it is essentially).

4    cycle 1 (must have all in place to cycle)
16    cycle 2 (must have all in place to cycle)
64    cycle 3 (must have all in place to cycle)
256    cycle 4 (must have all in place to cycle)
1024  cycle 5 (must have all in place to cycle)
4096  cycle 6 (must have all in place to cycle)

(If my numbers are wrong, I’m open to correction)

The numbers are even more deadly for those “2 Up” programs (I’ll have to post this one day).
Dear home business seekers there is a reason that long lasting mlm opportunities are not involved in one-time pay cyclers or “UP” programs.  They are not effective for building long term monthly residual income.

I use to think they were nice opportunities for continuous cashflow, but I wised up.

Accordingly, as I’ve stated to all that approached me on this or any cycler.  The best thing you can do is if you make money take your existing network and go into a nice powerful monthly residual building business.  Or just skip it and put that effort into a monthly residual business building business in the first place.

Trifecta Cashflow System for Success is the perfect opportunity for building long-lasting monthly residual income.  Get the full details here:

Here’s an interesting excerpt from an email I received about Black Friday and making money from home:

“Every year on Black Friday, I am amazed by the
throngs of people who go out shopping at earlier
and earlier hours each year (I understand that some
stores actually open at 3:00 am) in order to find
the best door-buster deals.

I’ve never been through the experience, but I’ve seen
the action on the news, and have heard second-hand
accounts from family members.  Elderly people cursing
at children.  Quiet introverts shouting at complete
strangers.  Normally sane people ramming others with
their shopping carts to save a few bucks on an iPod
or a TV.

No thanks. 

Fortunately, 8 years ago I discovered this great new
tool that allows you to get the same deals and do all
of the shopping from the comfort of your home.  This
tool even allows the purchases to be shipped anywhere
in the world you choose.

It’s called the Internet.  I’ve been using it for quite some
time ; )

Each year, I sit down with a list of the Christmas gifts I
would like to purchase for my friends and family. 

From start to finish, my holiday shopping takes less than
45 minutes.  Done.  No driving around to multiple stores
to find that one special gift.  No dealing with the incompetent
masses that have no manners, poor hygiene, and a
complete and utter disregard for the rules of the road.

The reason I’ve shared this story with you is because I want
to stress upon you the value of your time.

Every day, I see far too many entrepreneurs who have no
appreciation whatsoever for the value of their own time.

You should be spending every single minute of your workday
doing 1 of 2 things:

Learning or Earning.

You either need to be generating income, or learning how
to leverage your time to generate more.

If you are not engaged in one of these activities, you are
cheating yourself.”

We’ve got the ideal business and resources to help you learn and earn.  Don’t cheat yourself out of this income potential:

Velma Hart, a White Collar worker who asked in town hall meeting with the USA President Obama, about the state of the economy and jobs, has recently become the victim of the changing landscape of jobs in U.S. America. 

Velma Hart has now lost her $200,000+ a year job.  See story here: Velma Hart Laid Off Work by Washington Post newspaper.

While the matter of jobs is way bigger than the issue of who’s the president, and what he may or may not be doing, the facts remains that if you are going to function in a fantasy about having or looking for a job, you are going to subject yourself to waking up to reality of the changing economic landscape, that your job is subject to giving you the “boot.”

Dear people don’t sit back and wait on tragedy, or another one, before taking action to do something for yourself to add income to your household.  Why do so many sit back in hope and prayer that “it” won’t happen to them.

Jobs are not rebounding, don’t believe the media hype, or slight change in unemployment numbers.  If think the employment rate is coming down based on whois or is not working at places like Wal-mart, you are just continuing the fantasy.

There are powerful income producing opportunity out there and a networking home business is the ideal one to participate in because of the ability to apply leverage in generating income like absolutely nothing else except trading in the financial markets. 

Don’t run from network marketing/mlm, embrace it, learn it, and succeed with it.  Technology has made it so much better and simpler these days for more to succeed.  The riches are not likely to come overnight, but they can manifest if you put in the work. 

I can only imagine where The Velma’s of the world would be if they had put some time into doing something for themselves in stead of depending on someone else to be the driving force for their complete economic survival for years and years, and praying that it would last. Her fears became a reality, but she could have stepped up and did something about it a long time ago, and not been in such a state of disarray.

You can do something about your financial future right now also, and have a leg to stand on if your job income stream gets pulled from underneath you all of a sudden, you only need to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Don’t blame the government or politicians for not doing something you can do for yourself.  Be about making your own money, monthly residual income is the wises path.

Let me show you the way to earn 4-5 figures monthly from home in a short period of time, that can be long-lasting:

Important Money Question For You….

Has there every been a month that has gone by that you weren’t going to need more money the following month?  Think this over very hard.

The answer is no.  Even if all your bills were paid and you splurged on a great vacation.  When the month came to an end there had to be something that was in effect that was going to bring you some more money.

Now, lets do some forward thinking.  Do you see a point in which that will not be the case?  Think this over very hard.

The answer is no.  Even in your death there will be money needed going forward.  That’s why there are life insurance polices.

So now the critical question.  Are you doing something now so that you can have money flowing in when you are unable to keep doing what you are doing now to make money.  Or are you turn a blind eye to the future, short term and long term?

Retirement is going to come.  More so the age where you retire from what you were doing, but the need for money will stay the same.

With that in mind.  I ask you, in pursuing a home business does it make sense to do or only involve yourself in, a home business that depends on a direct sales approach. One transaction  – one-time commission, or does it make sense to pursue home business success with a residual income building business that can be establish with the ideal of residual cashflow coming in even when you are retired?

Be smart. Be wise.  Be about establishing and building MONTHLY residual income with a home business, none of us will be able to do this work forever, but our needs and family needs for the residual cashflow to deal with the residual living expenses will not change.

Trifecta Cashflow System provides a great path for building monthly residual income that will last.  A new approach to an industry that needs a new way of doing things.  Our system-styled opportunity “only makes sense” as many continue to say.  Take a good look at it and see how it can make you some “Big cents,” along with some Big checks with comas in them:

I really like and appreciate this song. It’s about visualizing and achieving success. The mindset to win and achieve greatness is where it starts.

Take a good listen:

“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with.” – Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

Lets get your cashflow improved Today – Trifecta Cashflow System for Success

It seems every other day someone is coming to me wanting me to join their home business.  They see me as some successful networker, maybe I am, may I’m not, however the problem is they keep failing to show me a better path to for, not just me, but the average and ordinary person to create a significant 4-5 figures in monthly residual income in as short of period of time with the same effort they want a person to put in with the business they want me to join.

So today the old song “Another One Bites The Dust” came to mind.  If you’d like to take a moment back in time with the song go here (a big hit back in the day): Another One Bites The Dust Song-Video
but it goes out to all those opportunities that have been a dis-service to all of us that have and are willing to put in the work to be successful with a home business but have been duped into crappy compensation plans, and wooed by thinking that having the latest and greatest gizmo, gadet, or what have you was the answer.

If your home business can’t create for you, and others, at least $1,000 in monthly residual income with a small network team of 17 people with  3 or less personal referrals then, it may be time to re-evaluate what you are putting your time and efforts into.

I’m not saying to stop doing what you are doing with your current biz (there is such a thing as diversification), but I’m saying if you claim to be a networker, or desire to be, and if you are one wanting to build a walkaway monthly residual income business then how can you not take hold of the income potential of the Trifecta Cashflow System to create multiple steams of 4-5 figures in monthly residual income in a short period of time with a small team?

Or are you just out to put people into a business comp plan that has proven historically to not be effective for the average person in general to make a good 4-5 figures in monthly residual income for the same effort that does do so with the Trifecta Cashflow System.


One of my favorite personal saying is, “It’s not about me, it’s about you…Aspire To Be Great!”
We do this by doing right by self and others.

Check out a home business income system designed for the average and ordinary person to earn 4-5 figures monthly in a short period of time (30-60 days), the Trifecta Cashflow System for Success

Got 15 Minutes?  Our new mini overview presentation gives you the income potential and essential facts of our high probability for success, home business income system.  

Take a moment to watch:

If your not in, Get in…on creating 4-5 figures in monthly residual income Now:

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