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Many people approach their home business opportunity after joining, or prior too, with a sentiment of “I hope to be successful”.  Well that can be like saying “I hope I hit the lottery.  I paid for my ticket, I picked some numbers, so hopefully I’ll win…”  Such Hope in relationship to a lottery ticket can be properly placed but when it comes to a home business it can be fatal.

There’s a great line in the movie Matrix Reloaded where The Architect stated, Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.”  This is a very powerful statement, and it has stuck with me every since I heard it years ago.  Why?

Because I have been a victim of my own hope, as well as a victor, while not understanding the delusion of such Hope.  That line made it clear to me why at times I failed, and other times I prevailed without a sense of why either occurred.  If one doesn’t understand that Hope is a two-edge sword that will, if not understood and applied correctly, relative to the situation at hand, find oneself dying while Hoping to live, so to speak.  This is exactly what happens with many people when it comes to a home business, and/or opportunities they’ve participated in.

Too many join their home business simply Hoping that it will be rewarding financially.  However, Hope in this instance is like the saying, “Faith without works is dead”.  If one has not established the mindset that could lead to great financial rewards, then one’s Hope is fatal to success or a source of weakness. 

Additionally, if you are going to have a rewarding home based business you must sit down with a calendar and determine when you will be putting in your work: daily, weekly, monthly.  If not there will be no reward, or if you are doing it sparingly that would be the reward you would be entitled to and should expect.

Don’t approach your home business Hoping to be successful, go forward with confidence, and with the mindset that you Shall be successful.  Then you need to focus on putting in your work. However their can be a catch to this, notwithstanding proper and effective work.

If you are putting in work, Hoping to establishing long lasting cashflow success with a poor compensation plan or a business payout structure that is ineffective for producing massive monthly residual cashflow, ideally in a short period of time of 30-60 days, then you may be working against yourself.  If you are knowingly, or unknowing, working against yourself you are actually just “killing” yourself slowly with the deadly side of Hope.

I spent 16 years Hoping I would make some good money in a networking home business.  I have engaged in Hope with no serious work, and I’ve engaged in putting in work that was a slow death, Hope that would never help me see serious monthly residual cashflow or sustainable income from my business.  Nearly a year ago I wised up and performed a critical analysis for success, and now I’m engaged in the Hope that is unleashing sources of my greatest strength and more importantly financial desires.  I invite you to join me in this Hope.  Far to many networking businesses are just manifesting a weak sense of prosperity that can come from Hope, and they have done so for decades, that leads to the “killing” peoples dreams.  We need a new approach for the average and ordinary person to be successful, and not just relying on a Hope that is fatal to success before we get out the gate.

Trifecta Cashflow System for Success provides the Right structure and sources to reward one for their work and avoid the fatal type of Hope that has been the dream killer of so many in the past that have pursued home business success without achieving a rewarding monthly residual cashflow.

Come and change your financial future.  Do it one more time, for the last time because of our System-Styled opportunity that is able to provide long-lasting massive monthly residual cashflow.  Get details on Trifecta Cashflow System by going to this website:

What a special on unemployment by CBS 60 minutes: “Unemployment Benefits: The 99ers”

If you didn’t see this here’s the video:

Unemployment Benefits: The 99ers

Unemployment running out and those with college degrees of all kinds are suffering. People who thought their degrees would get them jobs again real fast have learned the hard way after tragedy.

Unemployment is the statistical same since the depression.  Technology has changed the job landscape, don’t expect the jobs that have gone away to come back in that same manner.  We will spend a generation re-working the job landscape.  For those in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond that is not a solution to their financial devastation.

This “99ers” CBS 60 Minute special just underlines the necessity and reality that home business networking is a viable solution that exist to getting many people to the income level they desire, or more importantly the income they really need to actually survive.

See how we are creating 4-5 figure monthly income in a short period of time for the average and ordinary person:

It’s coming in the next 10 days, Trick or Treat, and I bet many of
you feel like your home business efforts have been just like that but
without any real Treats.

Understand that in most cases it is not your fault that you failed
to establish a good home cashflow treat from your business.

I’ve looked at direct sales, affiliate marketing, and of course just
a regular job, there is nothing better served for your time in pursuing
home business income then the leverage potential of network marketing.
However, until recently, network marketing home business opportunities
were more like a Halloween thriller leaving us feeling tricked into thinking
we were going to make a fortune.

Yes, home business success takes work, but most of us have failed because the companies,
once you really look at the compensation plans, are just a trick to
make you think you have a genuine probability to be successful.
Well you don’t, and I say that based on 16 years of experience.

Join us and let us show you a High Probability Profitable Business
System – Trifecta Cashflow System for Success, that brings a
new approach to allow the average and ordinary person achieve success
working from home.  The problem isn’t with network marketing, it
has been with the way it has been done and laid out which has actually
hindered the the average and ordinary person from succeeding.

Don’t let October come to an end and find you caught up in Halloween
tricks, and sugar coated treats.  We have a serious Home Cashflow
Thriller that is worth you investing your time and energy in so that
you generate at a nice 4 figure monthly income, or more, working
from home in a short period of time.  $1,200 to $3,600 month is
truly possible for the average and ordinary person with Trifecta
Cashflow System (TCSS).

I just received my check for October. 
TCSS provides real cashflow treats!

Access complete details on Trifecta Cashflow System and a live
call, and see how are new approach is putting more cashflow in the
hands of the home business networker for the same effort that is being
asked of other traditional structured business opportunities.
Go to this site:

Just like Business Corporate America is the killer of the average person’s financial freedom, so is Health Care Corporate America.  Modern job pay you enough to keep you enslaved to the job, and modern medicine gives you they type of health care that keeps you coming back for more drugs, and side effect issues, until death do you part.

With Trifecta Cashflow System we are truly helping the average and ordinary person excel in a networking home business because of our simple, See-Believe-Achieve structure, creating 4-5 figures in monthly residual income in a short period of time.  However, we equally want to see our members, and others get and/or stay healthy to enjoy their money.

There is very critical free information on having better health, or improving your health, just by drinking way more water and taking in salt.  Yes, Salt. Realize Real Salt, is NOT Sodium.  Here’s some critical info to consider:


We get too much salt in our foods today.

Too much salt will cause high blood pressure, water retention (swelling), kidney problems, heart problems and the list goes on.

We are told a low-salt or salt-free diet is best for good health.


In the middle ages no salt was so dangerous, criminals were often put to death by being put in a cell and given no salt. It caused a slow agonizing death.

2000 years ago salt was used as money. Gold and salt had the same value. The word salary comes from salt.

In the old days, salt was used to preserve foods. Today, we have refrigeration, so less salt is required except for maybe curing meats.

All warm blooded animals must have salt to live.

The human brain and spine is in a sac of salt water called CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). This liquid circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord.

We all spent approx 9 months in our mothers belly floating in salt water (amniotic fluid).

Our tears are salty and we sweat salt.

Our bones are hollow in the center (marrow) where blood cells are made. The marrow is covered with many strands of calcium salts, the way rope is woven

together. Salt crystals are woven in with the calcium and these salt crystals are what make our bones hard, not the calcium.

27% of the body’s salt content is located in the bones. When the body requires more salt it can borrow it from the bones. When this happens, calcium is also removed with the salt making the bones thinner, softer and brittle. Sentences are too short and continue on the next line instead of bein extended.

Salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. Together they are called Sodium chloride (Na Cl).

Sodium is a soft positive charged metal where chlorine is a negative charged gas that becomes a liquid when put under pressure.

Chlorine is a gas/liquid but somehow when the earth was formed the chlorine

Became a solid with the sodium and trace minerals.

You can crush the salt crystals into a powder and the chlorine stays with the sodium. Chlorine as a solid is called chloride.

The salt we use today comes from our oceans, lakes or salt mines. In addition to sodium and chlorine, all the salt on planet earth comes with many trace minerals mixed into it.

So we can assume that these trace minerals are very important or they would

Not be combined with the salt. Because of the commercial value of these minerals they are removed in order to make big profits.

The human body is able to split the chlorine from the sodium as needed. Our blood requires chlorine as do many of our organs. The stomach uses chlorine to make hydrochloric acid required so we can digest our food correctly.

Our body also uses the sodium chloride as salt to keep the brain, spine, tears, bones, sweat glands, organs and blood topped off with salt. The body benefits from the other trace minerals that help keep the body alkaline and healthy.

Just as drinking too much plain water can kill a person (hyponatremia). The same thing is true with taking too much salt, it can cause swelling, diarrhea, and death.

Table salt is purified by removing the trace minerals and heating the salt to

1200^o F. Now all you have is 40% sodium and 60% chloride then an anti-caking agent is added so it won’t stick together.

Too much sodium can happen from eating too many food additives containing sodium as a binder (sort of a glue). Sodium is not salt. Salt is sodium chloride.

Sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate and MSG (mono sodium glutamate) are just a few of these additives.

Sodium, potassium and chloride are electrolytes (special minerals) that dissolve in water and carry electrical charges anywhere there is water in the body.

These electrically charged minerals can freely move into a cell and back out again carrying nutrients in and removing waste products and excess water as to keep the cell balanced.

At the same time as these electrolytes move in and out of the cells making their exchanges, a delicate balance of potassium inside the cell must be maintained with a special amount of sodium and chloride to hold the potassium in the center of the cell.

Electrolytes are found in all fluids of the body and carry impulses along your nerves. This helps your muscles, like the heart and diaphragm, contract and relax.

Electrolytes carry glucose (blood sugar) into the cell after insulin opens the door

or gate for the sugar to be taken in.

Electrolytes also turn “cation pumps” that generate electricity which is stored in the Mg ATP and Mg GTP batteries of the body. Dr David Brownstein, in his book “Salt your way to health”, said he was taught in medical school that salt causes high blood pressure and everybody should be on a low-salt diet. While treating his patients, he started to notice the ones who had high blood pressure received very little benefit from a low-salt diet. Most of them were also low on minerals.

In his search for ways to help these patients he came across unrefined salt. By suggesting that his patients should use unrefined salt, which has over 80 trace minerals in it, he noticed something strange start to happen.
His patients with high blood pressure were finding that their blood pressure was actually coming down. To the point they could come off of their medications.

Dr Brownstein, MD has a current medical practice at Center for Holistic Medicine, West Bloomfield, MI 48323 ( Dr Brownstein’s book, “Salt your way to health” will show you how adding the right kind of salt to your diet can help: adrenal disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fatigue, headaches, immune system function and thyroid disorders.


     – See, or

It’s important to take sometime go through the site to really understand the power of what water and salt can do for your health, instantly.  There are some wonderful testimonials on the site, here’s an easy link to them:
Water Cure Audio Testimonials, written testimonials here: Water Cure Written Testimonials

So “Do For Self” for your health, with the Water Cure, and Let Trifecta Cashflow System help you “Do For Self” to improve your financial future.  See:

Trifecta Cashflow System is quite simply about “We The People”, We the networker, We the average and ordinary person that demands a better life style and financial future from our home business efforts than what has been presented and offered to us in the past that has lead us astray.

When you look at the comp plan of the average and/or top network marketing companies, maybe even your current company, do you see how the structure and layout for success is like climbing a corporate ladder?  Does your company’s compensation plan have various promotional levels and requirements that must be met in order to hopefully make more money with the company?  If so you are in a corporate rat-race disguised as a home business network marketing opportunity.

Did you go to a biz meeting, or did you get so hyped up on the wonderful products and services of your company that you forgot to really analyze the compensation plan?  Are you making sales, referring other team members, but still not bringing in the MONTHLY residual cashflow?  If so you are in a corporate rat-race disguised as a home business network marketing opportunity.

Most established and top network marketing – mlm- companies, once studied, are not any different  than the structure of corporate America and the process to climb the corporate ladder.  Once you understand this, then you will see that you and I, the average and ordinary person, based on the old model of networking comp plan structure, will likely never make any significant monthly residual income.  As a matter of fact, this failure to make significant income with the old approach to network marketing is now a PROVEN and historical fact that can’t be denied.  Just look around at all of us who have participated in this industry for so many years and ask yourself where is the nice monthly residual cashflow dreams that we were shown and said we could obtain with hard work and dedication.  For many, it’s washed away like their retirement fund in the latest stock market crash.

Unless, you make the decision to take different approach to succeed in network marketing (and you can in fact succeed), you will likely, and those that you refer, will likely continue to fail to make significant monthly residual income.

I sorta summed this up in my 2 minute excerpt from one of the recent live Trifecta Cashflow System presentations. Take a quick listen:
Trifecta Cashflow System for Success is about solving the “Achieving Success” problem of those that have and will look to improve their lives with a networking home business.

Take a good look at our system-styled opportunity, attend a live presentation, and compare.  We may not be the best, but we are darn good For The People:

Has network marketing – mlm failed people or have people failed themselves.  Who’s to blame?  Check out the video, by self made millionaire Tim Sales, and you decided what is true:

You can be successful with network marketing.  I’ve done it and helped others to do it also.  Just decided to not quit, especially since we’ve got the right compensation plan for the average and ordinary person to succeed, along with a product that give you the training and marketing knowledge you need to achieve maximum success.

To get your successful home business going click here:

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