About Mr. Jah Kafele

Greetings, and thank you kindly for visiting my personal website/blog.

My Entrepreneur Biography

It’s not about me, it’s about you! Aspire to be Great!
I’m a life long successful entrepreneur.  Blessed to never worked corporate jobs that were the objective of me obtaining 2 college degrees.  Happily married, and still in love after 20 years, with 2 wonderful daughters.

My Entrepreneur Biggest Success Blessings (Resume), for a “kid” that survived growing up in the city of Cleveland:

Became an entrepreneur in undergraduate school: sold t-shirts and took pictures at events.

While in graduate school: Introduced to network marketing – Primerica Financial Services

After PFS, I began my real estate investing career.  Rehabbing and selling personal property.  Grew my business to the point where I owned/managed 30 properties and 45 individual units. Made a ton of money and traveled like crazy!

Moved on from Real Estate and began doing online ventures.  In 2007/08 created my own opportunity system named Free Online Cash System that grew to a network of thousands and created my 1st  5 figures monthly income. Many of the Free Money programs of the day evolved from what I popularized.

In late 2009, I became more determined to be a big success in network marketing, and started looking at the business models of MLM that created giants.  

By 2010, working with a company named Chews-4-Health, I established a binary pay plan team of over 2000 and generated another 5 figures monthly.  I became part of the leadership board to the company, and was a leading compensation and marketing trainer for the largest group in the company.

Shortly after that starting in 2011, I help redesign the compensation plan for Vitel Wireless (Vitel) and help lead the growth of the company to a point of being popular in MLM circles.  I established at team of over 6,000 with many great leaders whom we all earned high 4 figures to 5 figures monthly.

In early 2013, joined Wake Up Now, established a growing team of about 300 and earned another generous 4 figures monthly.

Currently creating my next success story and stories involving others, for again it’s not about me.

While I’m proud of my accomplishments, it has been my greatest pleasure to be of service to others to help them prosper in life and business, along with creating additional income from home.

I’ve seen a lot, and see a lot, and keep my “ear” to what is happening in the networking world.  Feel free to inbox me with anything you may have a question about or looking at to get an experience perspective.

Success Is A Learned Behavior!  You too can be successful at creating a better lifestyle.

My objective is to leave monuments for the world to see, even if it’s is just my own little world that sees it 🙂
My motivation motto: When you die do you want to be summed up in a eulogy, or have left “monuments” for the world to see?

Launch Of My Blog In 2012

After 5 years of doing home business online marketing I finally decided to launch my personal website branding me.  I’m a fan of personal branding, but more so when one has something to brand themselves on.  Well on my 43rd birthday, 2/28/2012, I finally felt I had reached a point where it was time to formally introduce myself, Jah Kafele, to the world and share some of my life and entrepreneurial experiences that help me become a success in my own right.  I guess you can say, I’m ready to brand me, at 43! Smile

How I Became Known As Jah

A little information about me and how “they” came to call me Jah.  My name is Ajamu Minkah Kafele.  About 23 years ago, while in college, I changed my name to best define the man I had become, and how I saw myself going forward.  My name in its fullness means “My Fight For Justice Is Worth Dying For!”  It’s an African name, derived from the languages of the countries of Nigeria, Ghana, and Malawi respectively.   However, I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and my immediate family lineage goes back no further than the United States of America. 

I became known as Jah back in 2008, when I founded the Free Online Cash System, which was a very successful online home income generating system (shout out to my right-hand business partner at that time Keith C. of Illinois), and I began to say to the many prospects and team members I would talk to on a daily basis, just call me Jah.  Prior to that time, I would never let anyone refer to me by any “nick-name” or short version of Ajamu.  However, Jah, taken from the “ja” in my name and its pronunciation, just seemed to fit at that time and I “rolled” with it.  The rest is history, as the saying goes.  

The Aim And Purpose Of TheyCallMeJah.com

My aim with “TheyCallMeJah.com – Jah Kafele On Being Successful In Life & Business” is to share commentary that will allow others to grow, excel and achieve success in many areas of life and business, particularly home business.  I see myself as a critical thinker, philosopher, and analytical student of life.  I am also, one who is strong in spirituality and knowledge of the existence of the Supreme Being, God.  My foremost interest in life is Truth, Justice and Righteousness.  I’m a firm supporter of  the adage “the truth shall set you free,” because it has done so for me, even through painful experiences of its application.

Although I went to college and acquired a few degrees (Bachlor of Science: Computer Science, Bachlor of Arts: Ethnic Studies, Masters of Arts: African-American Studies) , it has been my journey as an entrepreneur, which began at the age of 19, that has had the most meaningful impact on my life, and being able give back to others.  As a person who is very often content with keeping to himself, I would have never imagined that I would have connected and met so many people from across the United States and the Globe as a result of the internet. I certainly never envisioned a day in which I would open up to the world in this type of setting and come forth to help others learn to be successful in life and business while I continue to pursue the same.

How To Become Successful In Life And Business

A reality came to me a couple of days ago as I prepared to officially launch TheyCalledMeJah.com and what my website’s overall theme would be.  In reflecting on how I went from avoiding being another bad statistic of “inner city” male youths, to a college educated young man, to a successful business man and entrepreneur, to a person that “had it all and lost it all” and is now getting it back and more, to a very happy family man, to a free man having, and still pursuing, success in all walks of life, I realized that…IF A PERSON IS NOT SUCCESSFUL IT IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED HOW TO BE.

I changed my life, my destiny and achieved any and all success that I have had, and will have in the future, because I was exposed to information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that allowed me to learn how to be successful.  Your success in life and business is only a matter of learning.  Success is a learned behavior!

Your Success Awaits,

Jah Kafele
614.257.1773, Ohio Eastern Time